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Corporate ProfileNihon Vitamin Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Representative greeting

Our wish is “Healthy maintenance” since foundation in 1958.
“Thanks & Respect” are always a motto in our company.
We are convinced that ‘Consumer’, ’Customer’ ,and ‘Worker’ can be satisfied by “Thanks & Respect”.
Please take care of the patronage support which doesn’t change forever somehow.

Corporate Profile

Basic information
Nihon Vitamin Chemical Co.,Ltd.
196-11,Nakaokubo,Toyama City, Toyama Pref., 939-2243,Japan MAP
Phone : 81-76-467-5200
Nihon Vitamin Chemical Co.,Ltd.
President Kazuo Takashima
Capital 18,000,000 Yen
Establish April 15,1958
Worker Thirty
Description of business
  • Manufacturing , marketing and import&export of pharmaceuticals and health food
Bank reference
  • Hokuriku bank
  • Toyama bank
  • Toyama Shinkin bank
Main products
  • Pharmaceuticals
    • Vitamin preparations(L-Cysteine preparation, Vitamin C preparation etc)
    • Tonic medicine, Stomach medicine, etc
  • Health food(in Japan)
    • Garlic pill containing eel
    • Corbicula tablet
    • Maca capsule
    • Champignon tablet
  • Health food(Export items)
    • Lingzhi capsule
    • Cordyceps capsule
    • Gingko capsule
    • Tonic tablet
    • Eye Plus tablet
    • Relax tablet
    • Soya Isoflavone capsule
    • Agaricus capsule
    • Maitake capsule



1952 Start from one pharmacy
1958 Mr.Taizo Takashima who is a founder,headquarters Tonomachi,Toyama City puts a factory in Okudamachi,Toyama City and establishes a NIHON VITAMIN CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. For the purpose of production of 'HAICHI' medicine.
1963 Head office and factory are put in 31,Kurose,Toyama City ,and factory is built,and production and sale of 'HAICHI' medicine in general are begun
1973 Rebuild the factory
1975 To strengthen production item and the quality control section and plan for expansion of development,a study and an analysis,a factory is enlarged.
1985 Start exportation to Asia area.
1988 Start the production and sale of “Tantoragan”.
1989 Start the production and sale of “Kanjinso”.
1990 Start the production and sale of Health Food.
1995 Start the production and sale of OTC medicine(Vitamin preparation etc).
1996 To expand the activity, move the plant to 196-11,Nakaokubo,Toyama City,Toyama Pref.,Japan.
1997 Start the production sugar-coated tablet.
2003 Start the production L-Cysteine preparation.
2005 Establish GVP section & strengthen quality control section.
2009~ Strengthen more OEM

Prodictive capacity

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