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Productive CapacityNihon Vitamin Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Factory Outline

Factory outline

Factory name Nihon Vitamin Chemical Co.,Ltd. Osawano plant
Foundation 1996 year
Site area site area 4,000m2/total floor area 1,600m2
Structure two-story building made of reinforced concrete
Productive capacity
  • tablet : About 200,000 tablets
  • sugar-coated tablet :About 80,000 tablets
  • pill : About 250,000 pills
  • capsule : About 150,000 capsules
  • granules,powders : 200~300 kg
  • bottle : About 2,300 bottles
  • bag : About 12,500 bags
Form of product
  • oral solid
    • tablet(uncoated tablet,sugart-coated tablet)
    • hard capsule(No.1)
    • pill(uncoated pill, coated pill)
    • granules
    • powders
  • product form
    • bottle
    • bag

Facility for production

  • Tablet press
    Tablet press
  • Automatic classifier
    Automatic classifier
  • Capsule weight checker
    Capsule weight checker
  • Pan for sugar-coated tablet
    Pan for sugar-coated tablet
  • Calculation filler
    Calculation filler
  • High-speed liquid chromatography
    High-speed liquid chromatography
  • Constant temperature/moisture test machine
    Constant temperature/moisture test machine
  • Blister packaging machine
    Blister packaging machine


Mixer(vertical type , W type), Granulator, Kneading mixer, Oscillator, Pill machine, Compartment dryer, Coating pan, Automatic capsule filling machine,Bag machine, Classifier(tablet, capsule, pill),Capper, Labeler, Shrink machine, Pouch wrapping machine

Quality Control

Our quality control is under GMP. We have strict control of not only from acceptance of raw materials to final product test but also selecting of Supplier of raw materials, product indication, quality information, Safety information, shipment judgement, etc.

Quality Control

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